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SX OS Software License [Orders CANNOT be canceled]

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SX OS Software License [Orders CANNOT be canceled]

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Orders CANNOT be canceled since this is a digital transaction All sales are final

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  • Xecuter SX OS software license

  • Compatible with all regions.

  • Compatible with all firmwares.

  • Real time game switching.



The Team Xecurter SX OS Switch flash card is available for booking and is compatible with all Nintendo Switch firmware from any region. It is used to support Custom Firmware (CFW) on the Nintendo Switch, so users can finally play Switch games for free. Buy on SX Nintendo Switch flashcard / modchip from 3DS-Flashcard.COM, you can enjoy free shipping worldwide, PayPal payment, coupon code service!

The Xecuter team calls their Nintendo Switch SX Switch flashcard, as previously announced, this card works on any Nintendo Switch and region console, including the latest v5.0.2. The main function of SX flashcart is to install CFW on your Nintendo Switch consoles. After configuring the custom firmware on the console, you can start playing the Nintendo Switch downloadable games without the need to buy the expensive Switch cartridge for retailers.

All information on Team Xecuter SX OS

buy Nintendo Switch SX

• The exploit works on any firmware in any region.
• The same 'jighack' device is required to start the hack as we have seen before.
• The payload of the exploit is delivered through a USB-C dongle.
• These hardware exploits should be used each time the console has a hard boot, but both can be removed after the initial boot.
• Does the dongle have another USB-C port for uploading / upgrading? I'm not sure about this
• There are three options that are displayed on the screen when you start the device with the trick:
    • Boot Custom FW
    • Original FW Boot
    • Update
• The custom FW has the ability to fool the console into thinking that any game is inserted into the cartridge slot.

• It is not known whether this applies to e-shop only games, since the video only shows games with a physical version that is tested:
* Superbeat: Xonic
Island Flight Simulator
* Batman Telltale Series
* Skyrim

• The custom FW supposedly allows you to load games outside the SD card
• Not to mention in what format these games should be loaded
• It is not your only product for the Switch. They have not shown the other one (s) yet. This is convenient, but have already stated that a welding modchip will come.